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  • Anti-Aging Procedures: What Your Dermatologist Can Do For You

    19 March 2015

    When it comes to skincare, the primary worry of just about any woman is preventing the signs of aging on her skin. Cosmeceuticals (anti-aging products) are all the rage among women of all ages, as women strive to look as youthful as possible. However, in addition to these products available on store shelves, there are several anti-aging procedures that a cosmetic dermatologist can perform to help your skin look far younger and fresher.

  • 5 Steps To Combat Psoriasis Symptoms In The Winter

    12 March 2015

    There are roughly 7. 5 million individuals here in America that suffer from psoriasis. It is something that can have a negative impact on one's daily life. Symptoms of psoriasis often worsen when the dry, winter air arrives. To keep your skin as healthy as possible and your psoriasis under control during the colder months of the year, here are five tips: Moisturize, and Do It Often. With psoriasis, your skin is already dry.