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A Great Spring Or Summer Hair Style: Understanding Hair Extensions And Micro Braids

by Ellen Lucas

As warmer weather approaches, plenty of women are looking for ways to get their workouts in, enjoy the sunshine, hit the beach or pool and generally enjoy life without worrying about maintaining a hairstyle. Micro braids provide an excellent low maintenance hairstyle that women can get in order to achieve this. These braids are long, full and require you to purchase the best hair extensions that you can get your hands on. To learn more about how to get this style, read on. 

What exactly are micro braids?

Micro braids are a style that consist of parting your hair into tiny sections of triangles or squares, so that that can be braided into a plethora of individual braids. Once the braid gets to the end of your natural hair, the hair stylist will add hair extensions to it, so that you have micro braids as long as you want and with any color, style or texture. 

What should I do before getting micro braids?

The process that you undergo before getting micro braids is important, so that the hair style sets in well and is healthy throughout the course of wearing it. There are a number of things that you must do, including:

  • Wash and condition your hair thoroughly, with high quality shampoos.
  • Detangle your hair, so that you are not dealing with knots and split ends when it comes time to put in the micro braids.
  • Apply a hot oil treatment, so that your scalp is moisturized and clean.

How long should I keep the micro braids in my hair?

To make the most of your micro braids, you'll need to make sure that you get a good, long run out of them. The beauty of this hair style is that you can keep it in for between 6 months to a year. In order to do this, you will need to make sure that you have them redone and touched up every month and a half or so. Make sure that you book your appointments well in advance and be prepared to dedicate your day to it, as getting micro braids installed can last upwards of 12 hours, depending on the stylist. To cut down on the time, make sure that you go to a shop that specializes in braids, as they are quicker and more efficient. 

Follow these tips, so that you know more about micro braids and are able to get the help that you need.