Exploring Natural Hair Care Products and Techniques

  • Top Signs You Should Consider a Salon Franchise Opportunity

    12 August 2020

    You might know that you want to get involved in a franchise opportunity of some sort, but you might not be sure of what type of franchise you might be interested in. One type of franchise opportunity that you might want to look into is the opportunity of being a part of a salon franchise. These are a few signs that this might be the right type of franchise opportunity for you to pursue.

  • What You Need to Know Before Getting a Keratin Treatment

    22 June 2020

    If your hair is dry, frizzy, and dull, then a keratin treatment, performed in the salon, can help you achieve the smoother locks you've long desired. All in all, this treatment is pretty simple from the perspective of the client. But there are still a few things to know before you call and make that appointment. 1. There are two primary types of keratin treatments. Any process that involves adding keratin (a specific structural protein found in hair) to the hair is technically called a keratin treatment.

  • Multi Therapeutic Hair Transplants Tackle Hair Loss And Health

    28 February 2020

    Hair loss is a major confidence drain for many people. Whether you are experiencing overall thinning or male pattern baldness, looking in the mirror and seeing a lack of body and volume is difficult. If you do not feel comfortable with the changes your body is experiencing, there are numerous options available for recreating a fuller style. For the best results, a combination of techniques may be used as part of a multi therapeutic hair transplant.