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Want To Lighten Your Hair? Use Balayage To Do This

by Ellen Lucas

If you want to lighten your hair, there are many ways to do this. People often use highlights, which is using a hair dye. There is also a process known as balayage, which also means "to sweep" in French. Below is information on how this process is done, as well as some benefits this offers you so you can decide if you would like to do this for your hair. 

Balayage Process

You should see a professional hair stylist to have this process done. Make sure they have experience with this. The color is hand-painted onto your hair surface in different sections. The lightener is painted on where it is darker in the beginning and then becomes lighter as it moves down to the ends of your hair. Because the lightener is swept onto your hair it looks much more natural almost like your hair was lightened from the sun instead of a lightener. 

If you do not want highlights, balayage can be applied to all of your hair to lighten your hair instead of using hair dye. Because of the way it is applied and that no actual dyes are used, you will not have to worry about touching up your roots all the time as you do with traditional hair dyes. You can choose to have your hair lightened only around your face or only the upper half of your hair. 

Balayage Benefits

One big benefit of choosing balayage highlights over standard highlights is balayage lasts a few months whereas standard highlights last a few weeks. This not only saves you a lot of time but saves you money as well. 

Choosing balayage also means you will have less damage to your hair. With standard highlights, the sections of hair are wrapped in foil. The foil is then heated to achieve the color wanted. This can damage hair and your hair may even look over-processed and unnatural. This is because standard lighteners do not blend in with your hair as well. 

Balayage is also much more natural. With standard highlights, it may be a drastic difference in the highlights and natural hair color. Because balayage is painted on, it gives you a much more natural look. Balayage highlights are also safe for you if regular hair lightening bothers your allergies.   

Talk with the hair stylist to learn much more about how balayage highlights work. They can also tell you of many more benefits this offers you.  

For more info about balayage, contact a local hairdresser.