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Cooperation Techniques For Your Teen's Upcoming Hair Appointment

by Ellen Lucas

If a power struggle ensues when you try to prompt your teen to have their hair cut, you may be pondering whether or not the two of you will ever see eye-to-eye. Many teens go through a rebellious stage, which may involve standing strong against having their hair cut. Use some strategies listed below to buffer this defiant streak that your child is exhibiting.

Find A Trendy Salon

A trendy salon that caters to a young crowd may seem much less intimidating than a standard salon that provides services for people of all ages. A trendy salon may employ younger stylists that your teen can relate to. Many of your adolescent's friends may frequent this type of establishment, which could have a positive bearing on how your loved one perceives the salon. Allow your teen to get involved in the salon selection process.

First, research some places of business that perform haircuts. Next, consider the location of each business. Once you have narrowed down your searches, share them with your teen. If a business is located within a mall or is located near another venue that your teen is interested in visiting, you may be able to better negotiate with your child.

First, allow them to think that the final decision is theirs, concerning where they go to receive their cut. Next, entice them. You can do this by tying in their hair appointment with another fun activity that is of interest to them. 

Compromise On Styling Variables

If your teen isn't interested in having their long locks trimmed, but they are receptive to having their hair colored or styled, use some compromising tactics to get them on board with your preferences. Allowing your child to receive a temporary color treatment process or seeking a full-service styling session that will be performed after your teen receives their haircut may appeal to them.

Seek A Small Change In Your Teen's Style

Suggesting that your teen receives a trim may not be as intimidating as suggesting that they have many inches of hair cut off. Even though you may not be pleased with the long length of your child's hair, a subtle change in their appearance may be just enough to appease you. Suggest that your child receives a trim, which will ultimately remove dead ends and provide them with a healthier head of hair. If your teen is willing to receive a trim, allow them to pick out the hair salon where they will receive the cutting service.

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