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Three Methods Of Restoring Hair Loss In Women

by Ellen Lucas

In the public eye, hair loss is often thought of as a men's issue. The reality, however, is that many factors contribute to hair loss in people regardless of sex and gender. To put it bluntly, male-pattern baldness is not the culprit involved in all cases of hair loss. When hair loss occurs in women, it can be a shock, and many don't know where to start when finding hair restoration options. In all cases of hair loss and excessive hair shedding, the first step is to figure out the cause. It is always best to consult a medical professional, such as a dermatologist, to determine the root of the problem. There is a wide array of contributing factors that result in hair loss, such as stress, scalp issues, and alopecia, so figuring out which one is causing the loss of hair is important. This will help to figure out a hair restoration treatment option that is most accurate and efficient for any specific case. After this step, many still feel overwhelmed by the number of treatment options, so this article will highlight three of the most reliable and explain their benefits. 

Eliminating (or Reducing) Stress

Eliminating stress sounds simple, and it is, but that doesn't make it easy. Many women lose hair after a period of extreme stress or trauma, such as childbirth. In addition, stress has been linked to triggering the onset and flare-ups of auto-immune diseases (of which alopecia is one). Eliminating stress can stop hair loss from continuing or getting worse, and allow the body to begin to regrow its hair. Some simple steps to begin reducing stress are to take hot baths, get to sleep earlier, and implement a self-care routine. In addition, allowing yourself to take a break from responsibilities and indulge in hobbies is important. This is a slow process though, so it's best to use hair restoration products to speed up hair restoration regrowth. 

Topical Hair Restoration Products

Using a hair restoration product on your scalp is one of the best ways to kickstart hair regrowth. There are really effective chemical treatments such as minoxidil that exist on the market. Looking for topical treatments that list minoxidil as an ingredient and applying it regularly can be a key part of one's hair restoration journey. There are also a few herbal and essential oil topical treatments one can try. Guidance from a doctor can help determine which treatment is best. 

Hair Restoration Vitamins

In addition to stress, nutrient and vitamin deficiencies are some of the main contributing factors to hair loss. Investing in a hair loss restoration vitamin and taking it as a daily supplement can begin to allow the scalp to begin regrowing hair.