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Tips For Getting Your Hair Cut When Your Hair Is Thinning

by Ellen Lucas

If your hair has been thinning lately due to age, medications that you have been taking, or health concerns that you might be dealing with, then you might feel a little bit self-conscious about your thinning hair. Plus, if this is a new problem that you are dealing with, you might not really be sure of how to deal with it. This can be a tough situation to go through, but these tips can help you out.

Make Sure You Still Get Your Hair Cut Regularly

Right now, because of the fact that your hair is thinner than ever, you might be thinking about waiting to get your hair cut. After all, you might be worried that getting a haircut will make your hair even thinner, or you could be hoping to grow your hair longer so that it will appear that you have more hair. If you don't continue getting haircuts, however, you might find that your hair will look messy and unkempt. Plus, if your hair gets long in some places but is still thin in others, it might actually call more attention to the fact that your hair is thinning in some places. Therefore, you should still consider scheduling an appointment with a barber regularly so that you can continue getting haircuts on a regular basis.

Consider Choosing a Different Haircut

You might have always gotten your hair cut in the same way, and you might have never thought much about changing up your style. However, now might be a good time for you to change up your haircut. Some haircuts are a bit more flattering on people who have thinning hair. Plus, a big change might help you feel more confident. Generally, shorter hair is a better choice for people who have thinning hair, but you can look into options like a comb-over or a styled haircut that adds a little bit of height. 

Ask Your Barber for Help

If you have your hair cut by a barber that you can trust and who you feel that you can talk to, consider talking to them about how self-conscious you are about your thinning hair. This is a common problem that your barber probably helps customers with all the time, so you shouldn't be embarrassed. Your barber can help you pick out a haircut that is going to look flattering on you, and they might be able to suggest products that can help with your thinning hair, too.

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