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Women's Haircuts For Really Thick Hair

by Ellen Lucas

It's always important to keep the thickness of your hair in mind when choosing a style for your haircut. If you had thin hair, your goal would be to choose styles that add volume and shape to your hair. But what if you have really thick hair? Should you then seek styles that make your hair look thinner? Not exactly. Styling thick hair is less about making it look thinner and more about making sure that the thickness comes out and is emphasized in the right places. With that in mind, take a look at these women's haircuts that tend to work well on thicker hair.

Long, Layered Bob

Have you ever seen a woman with a bob that just looks magnificent? Chances are high that she had naturally thick hair. Thinner hair just tends to lie flat against the head when cut into a bob, but thick hair stacks itself nicely and gives this style some shape. Your hairstylist will cut the top layers just a bit shorter in the back so that they sit over the top of the other hair and add volume near the crown. And a few longer hairs in the front can add dimension around your face.

Long Layers With Side Bangs

Women with thick hair are often told to stay away from bangs since they can look too boxy and choppy. But there is one exception: side bangs. When left longer and combed to the side, bangs can look excellent with thick hair. They are especially nice when paired with a long, layered hairstyle. The side bangs blend in nicely with the long layers so they don't look too distracting.

Stacked Pixie

Say you want a shorter haircut. A traditional pixie cut won't work too well in thick hair because the ends will look too fluffy. But your stylist can create what's known as a stacked pixie, in which the top hairs are cut shorter than the bottom hairs. From the back, it looks like your hairs are stacked on top of one another. This look really only works with thick hair since thinner hair tends to lay too flat, so if you can rock this style, definitely give it a try. 

Thick hair can be wonderful to wear and to work with. You just have to make sure you're having it cut in a way that is flattering for your face and that works with the hair.