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4 Steps To A More Flattering Hairstyle

by Ellen Lucas

Your hair is one of the defining features of your look. A good hairstyle can make or break your overall aesthetic. If you aren't happy with the current state of your hair, you can easily remedy that by visiting a men's haircut services. Here are four steps to a better and more flattering hairstyle:

1. Get a flattering hair cut.

Many men get their hair trimmed regularly so it doesn't get too long. However, regular trims don't necessarily mean you have a hairstyle. An intentional hairstyle can make you look better instantly. The right hair style will highlight your bone structure and emphasize your most attractive features. If you're not sure what hairstyle would look good on you, ask your hair stylist. Look for a hair stylist that specializes in men's haircuts, since they will know the most common hairstyles and be able to provide recommendations.

2. Add styling product.

Your haircut is the base for your hairstyle. In order to allow your hairstyle to live up to its full potential, you will probably want to add a styling product to it. Gel, pomade, and mousse can help you shape your hair. Ask your hairstylist to show you how they style your hair so you can mimic it later at home. If you don't already own styling products, you may be able to purchase some from the shop where you get your hair cut.

3. Cover your grey hairs.

Some men prefer to rock their grey hair, but this look typically looks best when your hair is entirely or predominantly silver. If you have just a few strands of grey here and there, dying them to match the rest of your hair can help you look better. A men's haircut service can expertly apply hair dye right where you need it. They will mix up a batch of custom color that perfectly matches your natural hair. Covering up your grey hairs can help you look younger.

4. Consider adding highlights.

Highlights aren't just for women. A few subtle highlights can brighten up your whole look and give you a more youthful aesthetic. Professionally applied highlights can blend seamlessly into your natural hair. You won't necessarily look like you've dyed your hair; when properly applied, highlights can make you look like you've just spent a lot of time in the sun. Ask for balayage highlights that fade into your natural color so you don't have to worry about getting touch-ups right away when your roots start to grow in.