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Creative & Useful Father's Day Gift Ideas

by Ellen Lucas

If you are hoping to get your Dad a meaningful gift for Father's Day, you might be feeling stumped. Sometimes, a Dad can be a tough person to shop for. However, there are some things you could get for your dad that could be useful, creative, and special. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect gift. 

1. A gift card for barber shop services

Your dad might often need a hair cut, or services to trim his beard and mustache. Why not take the cost off him for a time by purchasing a gift card for barbershop services? Barbers are experienced with male grooming, so they can provide exactly the right shave and cut service your Dad will want. Make the gift even more special by putting the gift card in the bag with a new bottle of cologne and some fancy shaving cream. Cheaper shaving products can dry out the skin, so some higher-end products could be a nice luxury gift to say thanks to your dad for all his sacrifices. 

2. A membership to a local club or service.

What activities does your dad enjoy? Maybe your dad likes golfing, rock climbing, or craft beers. Check out some of the services in your area and get your dad a membership to a gym, club, or hobby provider. 

3. Tickets to experience something with you.

If you can't find a membership to suit your dad's tastes, consider getting tickets an event or show to experience with you. If your dad enjoys running, for example, you might sign up to train and run with him in a half marathon. Maybe your dad likes Jazz music. Get tickets for you both to go to a local jazz improv performance at a local venue. Not only will you make memories with your dad doing something he enjoys, but you give the valuable gift of your time. 

4. Service to help reduce stress. 

Finally, maybe your Dad has a lot on his plate. The greatest gift might be reducing his stress by taking an item or two off the to-do list. For instance, your dad might spend his summer afternoons mowing the lawn after work instead of relaxing. Why not hire a lawn-mowing service to take care of the lawns this summer? Or, if you have the time, mow yourself. 

There are a lot of ways to thank your Dad this Father's Day.