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Tired Of The Bald Spot? How To Ensure A Successful Hair Transplant

by Ellen Lucas

If you've grown tired of your lack of hair, it's time to consider hair replacement. Transplantation is the perfect way to regrow a thick, healthy head of hair. Following your hair transplant, you'll need to take care of your scalp, especially during the recovery period. Here are some steps that will help ensure a successful transplant.

Cut Back on the Smoking

If you smoke, you need to cut back while you're recovering from a hair transplant. Like any surgical procedure, smoking can interfere with the healing process. In fact, if you smoke during the recovery period, you could develop a nasty infection. Not to mention the fact that the decreased blood flow could cause your transplant to fail. Unfortunately, if your transplant fails, you'll lose all the hair that was transplanted, and need to start over from scratch. You can protect your transplant and reduce the risk of infection by cutting back on the smoking until your scalp is completely healed.

Keep Hands Off the New Hair

Once you have new hair on your scalp, you and your friends may want to touch it. However, until the transplant has healed, you'll need to refrain from touching your head. Touching the hair grafts too soon could cause them to fall out. Not only that, but if you and your friends have germs on your hands, you could increase your risk of a post-transplant infection. If that happens, you're looking at transplant failure and additional time to recover. Until your hair grafts have a chance to take root, make your head off limits to hands.

Hold Off on the Shampoo

After transplantation, your head may feel a little dirty. You may even notice that your new hair looks a little greasy. Regardless of how your head feels, or your hair looks, you need to hold off on the shampoo until the hair grafts have a chance to heal. Washing your hair too soon could irritate your scalp, or cause your grafts to come loose. To avoid that, hold of on the shampoo until given the go-ahead by your doctor.

Keep Your Head Elevated

While you're recovering from a hair transplant, you need to keep your head elevated. Bending over too often will increase the blood flow to your scalp, which could lead to increased swelling. Not only that, but the increased blood flow could cause the graft spots to bleed. While there may be some slight bleeding at the graft spots, too much bleeding can cause serious problems. Until your grafts have a chance to heal, be sure to keep your head elevated. This includes while you're sleeping.

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