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Why Fading Is Necessary When You Get Your Hair Cut Short

by Ellen Lucas

When a man wants to get his hair cut extremely short — often called a buzz cut or a shaved head — he might be eager to do so himself. While this is possible, and you may even do a satisfactory job, you should visit a barber instead. Unless you instruct otherwise, a barber isn't going to just "buzz" your entire head. Instead, he or she will fade the hair a little so that the hair up top is longer than on the sides. Even if you want all of your hair to be extremely short, fading can make a big difference. Here's why.

It Will Grow In Properly

One of the challenges of buzzing your head to a uniform length is that it will look funny as it grows in. If you're someone who doesn't get haircuts regularly, you may be concerned with how your non-faded haircut looks in a few weeks. Namely, the hair at your neck will be the same length as the hair at the top of your head, and this simply looks bizarre. Fading to at least some degree is the norm with most men's haircuts, so you'll want to ask for it to avoid this look.

It Will Look More Professional

When someone has a buzz cut in which the hair is cut at a uniform length from the neck to the forehead, it doesn't create a very pleasing visual. This is the type of haircut that many people equate to being in the military or in prison, and these probably aren't looks that you're going for. Regardless of your age and the profession in which you work, showing up at work with a non-faded buzz cut won't do you any favors. However, when you get your barber to fade the sides, it shows that even if you favor a close cut, you want it to look its best.

It Will Encourage A Favorable Head Shape

People with certain head shapes may not be pleased with the look of a buzz cut in which the hair is cut to a uniform length. For example, if your head is slightly round and you're not exactly fond of its shape, a uniformly cut buzz cut can make your head look even rounder. However, when you get a buzz cut with fading, your appearance can dramatically change for the better. The shorter sides and longer top, even if the difference between the two lengths is minimal, can improve the appearance of your head.

For more information about fading, talk to your barber.