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Three Ways To Give Your Barbershop Clients A Throwback Experience

by Ellen Lucas

While there's nothing wrong with dashing into a chain barbershop, getting your hair cut in 10 to 15 minutes, and then dashing out again, there are men for whom getting a haircut is a special activity. Just as many women love visiting the spa/salon for some pampering treatments, the same is true for lots of men. In the past, visiting the barbershop provided more attentive care than some shops offer today. If you're setting up a new barbershop and want to give men this personalized, throwback experience, there are a number of ways that you can go about doing so. Here are three ideas to consider.

Have Your Barbers Dress Appropriately

Barbers in different barbershops often dress casually, perhaps using running shoes to keep their feet comfortable and short-sleeved shirts to stay cool while working. You can immediately change the vibe of your shop by having your barbers dress in an old-school manner. There are many ways to go about this idea, but think about having your barbers wear dress shoes, dress pants, and a short-sleeved dress shirt, along with a bowtie. The barbers may also wear traditional aprons and suspenders, if desired, to complete the throwback ensemble.

Use The Right Decorations

To give your barbershop a throwback feel, you also want to give some thought to how the space looks. In general, you'll want to go with muted, classy colors, rather than those that stand out. A durable hardwood or tile floor can work well, while brick veneer on at least one of the interior walls can also be suitable. Consider exposed wooden or iron beams overhead and Edison light bulbs, rather than something more contemporary such as LED bulbs. Keep the waiting area classy and traditional, too. Instead of adorning it with flat-screen TVs, consider a large bookshelf and leather furniture.

Consider Your Services

You can go a long way toward giving your customers a throwback feel by offering a variety of services that may not be available at all contemporary or chain barbershops. Many men who want an old-school barbershop experience will appreciate getting their faces shaved or getting their beards trimmed. You can also think outside of personal grooming and offer some other relevant services. For example, you may find that men choose to dress classier when visiting you. If this is the case, offering a shoe shine to your customers can be a good idea.