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How to Lessen the Appearance of Stretch Marks

by Ellen Lucas

There may not be any miracle cure creams or lotions that will instantly remove stretch marks, however, there are several natural ingredients that will lessen the appearance of stretch marks and help them fade away. These natural ingredients work because they contain protein to rebuild your skin and moisturizers to soften and nourish your skin. If applied several times a day, these natural ingredients will work to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. If you have stretch marks, apply the following ingredients to your skin:

  • Vitamin E - This vitamin works well to lessen stretch marks and scars. Purchase high-dosage vitamin E oil in soft gel capsules with 1000 IU to 1200 IU (international units). Pierce a capsule gently with a pin and squeeze a little of the vitamin E oil onto your finger. Massage the vitamin E oil into your stretch marks to increase blood flow and stimulate your skin cells. Repeat this procedure three to four times a day. Vitamin E oil nourishes your skin cells and allows them to replace old skin cells with new skin cells. This also works on all scars and blemishes on your body. 
  • Cocoa Butter - This natural moisturizer is a great conditioner for your skin. Cocoa butter is soothing and nourishing to the skin and relaxes the underlying skin structure so that your body can replace the damaged cells in your stretch marks. Apply cocoa butter to your skin and massage in completely to help your skin maintain elasticity. Do this two to three times a day to get the maximum benefit from the emollients in the cocoa butter. 
  • Olive Oil - This oil has been used as a skin moisturizer by many cultures for centuries. Olive oil contains antioxidants and emollients that can soften and improve skin texture. Pour a little olive oil in your hand and rub it between both hands to warm the oil. Apply the warm oil to your stretch marks and massage it into your skin. This warm oil massage stimulates the skin and opens the pores. Leave the olive oil on your skin for thirty minutes to achieve the full benefit. Rinse with plain water.  
  • Egg Whites - This remedy works well because egg whites contain protein and amino acids. Crack a fresh egg and massage the egg white into your skin in circular motions. Leave the egg white on your skin until it thoroughly dries. Rinse well and apply a moisturizing lotion to your skin. 
  • Aloe Vera - This is a powerful moisturizer that can rejuvenate your skin. Rub pure aloe vera juice onto your skin and let your skin absorb it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Massaging aloe vera juice into your skin works to distribute it into your skin cells. Rinse well and massage any remaining aloe juice into your skin. 

Apply these natural remedies several times a day, every day, as soon as you see a hint of a stretch mark. These ingredients can work by themselves or in combination with each other to give your skin the boost it needs to heal itself. Try these natural remedies and never give up. They will work to diminish your stretch marks but it will take time. Continued use of these natural ingredients will improve your skin texture and softness, and after a while, your stretch marks will fade away. If you'd also like to explore other stretch mark products, consider looking into creams made by specialty skin care companies, such as Apothederm.