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How To Face A Future With Beautiful Skin

by Ellen Lucas

Have you ever seen a person who has a great physique or a fabulous figure, and, then, when you're close enough to see the face, it's weathered and old-looking? That person might be the athletic type who was outdoors all the time or who has worked out to earn a great body. On the other hand, the same individual probably didn't use sunscreen and moisturizers. Then there's the gal who is trying to maintain a youthful face by applying too much makeup. Compare her to Audrey Hepburn who allowed allowed herself to grow old graciously, but who looked lovely, despite. Don't you think that she surely took care of her face? By following these suggestions, your skin can look great, too.

Respect The Sun - It's interesting how you can't live without the sun, yet the sun is your skin's worst enemy. Sure, you need the Vitamin D that the sun gives you, but too much exposure to the sun will make your skin look like leather. Too much sun may even cause skin cancer. Be sure to use sunscreen. Read the label to make sure the product you select has broad-spectrum qualities that will protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. In addition, choose foundation that contains sunscreen. 

Take Care Of Your Body - Sleep, food and exercise are three keys to having great skin.

  • Cellular regeneration happens while you sleep, so getting plenty of those Zs will definitely affect the way your skin looks. You'll know that you're getting enough sleep when you wake up without setting your alarm. 
  • Sure vitamin supplements are good, but also eat your vitamins to maintain your youthful looks. Remember when your mother told you to eat your fruit and vegetables? She was right! Add fish and low-fat meats and stay away from too many carbs. 
  • Exercise provides protein which helps to maintain a good skin tone. Have you noticed how your face glows after a workout? That's because exercise provides oxygenated blood, a natural rouge.

Choose Excellent Products - For sure, don't go to sleep with your makeup on. Before you go to bed, use a gentle cleanser, using a clean washcloth every time. Not every night, but often, also use a gentle exfoliating cleanser which will remove dead skin. Applying a moisturizer is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Even though you cleansed and moisturized your skin before you went to sleep, do it again when you wake up.

Use products that are made from natural ingredients that won't damage your skin. Match your skin type to the products you select. For example, if you are approaching those middle-aged years, or if you have already passed them, choose products that are formulated for older skin. Have you heard of private label skin care products? They are among the type of products that contain natural, healthy ingredients.