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Quell Sweat Naturally: Prevent, Reduce, And Repel Stinky Sweat

by Ellen Lucas

Everyone sweats, but that does not mean that you have to like it. Do not fret, you can do something about taking care of your sweat naturally with the following guide. You will learn how to reduce sweat naturally and be shown a few deodorant solutions.

Prevent Sweat

Consider the following to prevent sweat:

  • Try to avoid eating hot or spicy foods, as they can activate your sweat glands
  • Use your deodorant a few times per day
  • Take more showers
  • Carry antibacterial solution because the smell of sweat is created by bacteria byproducts
  • Try to lose weight (if overweight) because excess weight can make you sweat more
  • Shave your problem areas because hair may trap sweat and help bacteria blossom

Reduce Sweat Naturally

Consider adding more sage to your meals. Studies have shown that sage's anti-hydrotic properties can help reduce sweat drastically. You can take sage in pill form, or add a few drops of the sage oil to your meals. 

Be sure you talk to your doctor if your sweat does not lessen or gets worse, as your sweat issue could be caused by a medical condition. You might need prescription strength,  or this could be a sign of another ailment.

Deodorant Solutions

If you are not using a natural deodorant, you should consider this option. Unnatural deodorants or some commercially-sold deodorants may be doing more harm to your health than good. Studies have shown that regular deodorants might be leaking dangerous ingredients into your body, which could lead to breast cysts. You can purchase a natural deodorant online. You should look for a deodorant that has a minimal amount of ingredients that you can understand.

You should also consider the following natural solutions:

  • Use baking soda and a little water to decrease sweat. Baking soda should help eliminate odor because it neutralizes the pH balance of the problem area.
  • Try to use a little apple cider vinegar to neutralize the smell. Vinegar is also drying, so it should help make your problem region a little drier.
  • Lemon juice should help mask the smell with a citric smell; plus citric acid may kill some of that odor-causing bacteria.
  • You can add a little cinnamon oil to the lemon juice or the baking soda paste. Cinnamon kills bacteria, too.

There you go, now you know how to prevent, reduce, and defeat sweat, and you can do it in a natural way. Look for the best natural deodorants.