Exploring Natural Hair Care Products and Techniques

Enhance The Color Of Your Hair With Natural Hair Dye And Avoid Dangerous Chemicals

by Ellen Lucas

If you'd like to change the color or tone of your hair, but you're leery of toxic chemicals in hair dye, then consider a natural hair dye that is safer to use. There are a few brands on the market to choose from for DIY application, or you can have natural dye applied at some salons. If you buy dye to use yourself, be sure to read the ingredient labels since the product could have chemicals as well as naturally derived ingredients in the formulation. Here are some options for changing your hair color naturally.

Try Food And Plants You Have At Home

Depending on the color of your hair now and the look you want to achieve, you might use things you have around the house, such as coffee, lemons, beet juice, or sage to give your hair a slightly different color or tone. Your results may be unpredictable and short-lasting, but using natural plant pigments in this way could give you the chance to explore coloring your hair.

Buy Natural Hair Dye

If you want longer lasting results, then buying a natural hair dye is a better option. Since the dye is packaged with instructions, you can choose the right formula for your current hair color. Henna is a popular natural red hair dye that also gives your hair shine. Applying henna at home can be an involved process, but the results make the effort worthwhile since you can have a new hair color without using strong, toxic chemicals. Professional hair dyes usually contain chemicals even if they have natural ingredients added because the chemicals are needed to remove your current color and set the new color.

Natural dyes such as henna work with your natural hair color to create a color change, so strong chemicals are not needed. You can find natural dyes such as henna that have nothing but plant ingredients in them. An advantage of using a natural dye that fades a little as it ages is that you may not have harsh lines when your hair starts growing out since your roots will blend in better with your dyed hair.

Another advantage of using plant pigments to dye your hair naturally is that you can mix plants together to create a custom color for your hair. While the change may not be drastic, the plant pigments can give your hair deeper color tones while making your hair shiny and soft. Natural hair dye can be permanent, although the color may fade over time, so you'll want to test an area of your hair first to get an idea of the results you'll see when you apply the dye to your entire head of hair.